Thereby deposit with Craig King Realty Group the sum of $ (              ) partial (           ) full security deposit on the above premises pending execution of a lease agreement. I understand that my deposit may be applied toward any rent loss, advertising costs, re-rental fees, etc. if this application is approved and I am unable to fulfill the conditions of occupancy. The deposit will be returned if this application is not approved, providing all the above questions are answered correctly and truthfully.

An application fee of $35.00 (each) is due on the processing of this application. Should applicant notify Craig King Realty Group, or their agents, within 48 hours of application that the Applicant does not want to lease apartment/house, then the applicants deposit will be refunded, but not the application fee(s)

I hereby grant permission to Craig King or their agents, to verify the validity of all the above statements to be true and correct. I further agree to grant permission to Craig King Realty Group or their agents to run any and all credit reports and contact my previous landlords to verify by rental history. I understand this does not constitute any oral and/or written commitments on the part of the Owner/Landlord/Agent.